Rolling Loud New York has been quite the event this year, such as a surprise Kanye West appearance¬†during Playboi Carti’s set, Lil Tjay’s first performance after being shot, and the removal of New York drill rappers from the lineup by NYPD. One of the most anticipated sets of the weekend, however, was headliner and New York native A$AP Rocky. His Saturday set, despite being high-octane and assisted by guests Glorilla and French Montana, was cut short after just 30 minutes.

The abrupt end was due to Rocky’s late arrival and a strict curfew enforced by police authorities, and the “F**kin’ Problems” rapper took to Twitter to release a statement apologizing for the incident.¬†

Arturo Holmes/Getty Images

“I am so hurt right now!” the Harlem rapper wrote. “Last night was supposed to be a turning point in my live shows from the old to new! I will take full responsibility for the circumstances of what led to last night’s show being everything it was and everything it wasn’t.”

“I also want to acknowledge,” he continued, “that even though I prepared the best show for my fans, detail for detail, over the course of MONTHS… I was unfortunately not able to bring my vision to fruition and I’m hurt about that and I want to apologize to all my fans and continued supporters, and thank y’all for showing up for me regardless!! A$AP4EVA.”

Even though he just performed about nine tracks and looks very disappointed in the concert footage, he still delivered a crazy set with energetic highlights and even a crowd dive. In the comments, many fans were sympathetic to Flacko’s situation and showed their support. Others were critical of his irresponsibility, while a few just wanted to know when the next album is dropping. Speaking of which, Rocky’s said that this set will be his last before he drops a new project.

We’ve been previously teased with pictures of Rihanna and A$AP in the studio together, so hopefully this set seems to be ushering in the next stage of his rollout and a big return for the 33-year-old. While it’s disappointing that his show was cut, it’s also heartening to see that Rocky really cares about his artistry and his fans, and will likely continue to work hard to give them something he’s proud of.

You can check out Rocky’s full Rolling Loud NY 2022 set below.