I Almost Killed Myself – Singer, Niniola Shares Her Embarrassing Experience

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In an interview with Ikenna Obioha of Entertainer, Niniola opened up on the incident that led to her famous chipped tooth. She went on to talk about how it left her embarrassed to the point that she almost killed herself.


When she was asked how she chipped her tooth, she said.

“That was in JSS 2. I remember I was in the house, my older brother was playing with my cousin, he was pouring cold water on her and I was like ‘Ah no oh! Don’t pour it on me’ and I started running. I was running, slipped and fell and all I saw was powder on the floor, I had chipped my tooth. It was a Sunday and I had to go to school the following day, I wanted to kill myself. There happened to be a girl, one of my schoolmates at the time, and then the following day, I just thought to myself that I wasn’t going to say much, I’d just close my mouth when I get to school. But when I got to school, everyone was talking about my tooth because that girl in my house got to tell everyone. I was embarrassed; it took a while to get over it.”

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