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15 things women do on the first date that drive men crazy – #2, #3 & #8 are the reasons most ladies are single (With Pictures)

Going on a first date can be stressful. We are always worried about whether or not we look good, if we have something stuck in our teeth, or if we smell bad. A lot goes into preparing for a first date and sometimes things don’t go exactly as planned. First dates can be absolutely wonderful and leave you feeling butterflies in your stomach excited for date number two, or they can totally fail, leaving you disgusted or bummed out. There are a lot of things that can go wrong with a first date and it can be hard to know whether or not we are doing the right thing. There are definitely some things people do on dates that send a red flag.

Men have begun to come forward about what annoys them the most during a first date, so in this article you will learn about 15 things that drive men the most crazy when they are on a date and how to avoid doing them. These are things from not knowing how to take a compliment all the way to bringing up having kids on the first date. The odds are that if you have ever been on a date then you have probably done one of these 15 things and possibly without even realizing it, so take this opportunity to recognize some of the things that you should be avoiding on your next date in order to get the best chance at getting a second date with that person. Here are 15 things that drive men the most crazy on a first date.

15. Talking About Marriage

This one might seem like a no brainer to most, but yet some women just can not help but talk about getting married on the first date. For most men, you don’t have to be talking about marrying them, but just hearing you talk about marriage in general tends to be a bit of a turn off. This can be because some men find women who talk about marriage on the very first date a little obsessive and a lot of men, especially men who are dating around, tend to be a little afraid of commitment. So ladies, if you have a first date planned and you think that you might want to see him again, then it would probably be a good idea to avoid the topic of marriage. However, if he ends up being sort of dud and you don’t care whether you see him again, then hey, go for it.

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