Diamond Bank Transfer USSD Code 2018

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Diamond Bank Transfer code | Diamond USSD Code

Before you start using the Diamond Bank Transfer code, you have to first know how to create diamond bank transfer pin, which is very simple before anything could be done. The official and the popular *426# diamond bank code still remains the first code for diamond bank and with this you can also go a long way to perform your transactions using the various diamond ussd code.

We have written this piece to serve as a guide for all those who wish to have the knowledge on how to perform various transactions using the Diamond USSD Code.


One of the things diamond bank users wants to know is the code to transfer money from diamond bank to other banks and this article has trated this and you have to read further to get the actual code for diamond bank transfer.

Our next series of article will be on the various recharge code that is the various banks recharge code and diamond bank mobile recharge code is also included among the post that we have written on. Following the Diamond USSD Code will help you not to only know the various Diamond Bank Transfer code but also to know the code for which you can use for the diamond bank account balance.

To get started, you don’t really have to do or know how to register for diamond bank ussd code, or have an internet connection for diamond mobile banking, but you only need a phone for which you can do dial some relevant codes on your phone whether it has internet connection or it is just a dial pad phone, you can just get started anytime with the diamond bank ussd transfer code.

This code works on all devices whether you have the knowledge of how to transfer with diamond bank without internet or not. The basic thing is for you to have a phone and a functional sim card inserted on it.

Diamond Ussd code for transfer works on all line and it is not only restricted to MTN, whether you are using Airtel, Mtn, Glo or 9mobile, you can do diamond bank transfer with the Diamond Bank Transfer code.

Diamond bank app for Transfer

You can also go about the necessary transfer using diamond bank app for either phone or diamond bank app for pc. With this app, you can effectively do the diamond bank mobile money transfer without dialing some USSD code. Many perosns actually prefer the used of Diamond Bank Mobile App for their mobile phone.

There is no specified diamond app for a specified product but diamond App works for all product whether it is diamond mobile app for nokia or not.

You cannot have the diamond bank online account opening form online with the mobile app and it is very important that you visit the bank and get their account opening form or dial the *426# code and follow the prompted instructions to open account with Diamond bank.


To get started with the app you have to go through the process of downloading diamond bank application either through google playstore or any other store for mobile apps

Diamond Bank has now allows direct mobile transfer for all devices like android, iOS, Apples, windows etc and you can use this to transfer funds even without being connected to the internet all you need to do is for you to dial the the USSD code only with the functional phone number that you used to open the account with diamond bank.

Diamond Bank Transfer code | USSD Code To Transfer Money From Diamond Bank To Other Banks

To transfer money from Diamond bank to another bank.

  • Simply Dial the code *710*777*Account Number*Amount*Pin# and send it.
  • Let’s millustrate it with this example let us assume that you wants to send 5,000 to another bank account and the account number is 1122334455 so you will dial 710*777*1122334455*5000*1234# and the sum of 5,00 will be transferred to the beneficiary’s account.

For Diamond Y’ello to Diamond Y’ello Transfers

  • Dial *710*710*Account Number*Amount*Pin#. e.g *710*710*1234567890*5,000*1234# to send N5,000 to same bank (Y’ello account).

We are sure that the procedures actually works for you on your mobile phone but alternatively you can try making transfer using the Diamond Mobile App which is available online. ;

Transfer money using Diamond Mobile App

diamond mobile app for android download. The Diamond mobile App is another super alternative that one can use to make some transfer from one bank to another and this is usually refer to the diamond mobile banking. The application is compactible for smartphones, windows and PCs.

If you have problem with the code as a result loss of phone, you should report to your bank and get to update your phone before you will be able to access the app using another phone number. With the Application, transfer works like magi and this post below shows you how to do it.

  • Before you proceed using this method, you have to proceed to get the mobile App installed on your device and you can get it at the google play store for smart phones

We are in the age where mobile banking is taking the space in the global world and you don’t realy need to be tolling up and down the bank to make transfer of funds to someone in your bank or someone in another bank, but you can get this things done with the snap of the finger using the mobile code.


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