and Alex almost came to exchanging blows this afternoon.

They were involved in a massive burst up as they obviously still have some unresolved issues with one another.

Big Brother had given the housemates a task where they had to be shared into 3 groups.

Alex, Tobi and Bambam were in a group, Cee-C, Rico and TeddyA were in another group, and Nina, Miracle and Lolu in another group.

According to Alex, Cee-C had mentioned Tobi and Bambam would do well in that group, and that Rico should join their group.

Alex reacted to this and asked Cee-C to mention the name of the person she wants out, instead of talking in parables. Cee-C took offence this and raised her voice.

This was how the exchange of words started.

Watch the videos below;

Recall that, Alex had come to Nina’s defense and called on Cee-C to stop looking down on people in an heated conversation the latter had with Nine.

We had earlier posted about how both Cee-C and Nina also nearly came to blows over the latter’s supposed unfair behaviour.

Alex was quoted as saying “There is no level in this house Cee-c.

“When you say unto what level , who are you, you are looking down on people, you don’t tell people who are you.

“I do not like that kind of question, you have a shallow mind.”

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See video below: