Erica, Mercy Eke And Lilo Aderogba React As Actress Sophia Alakija Shares New Photo In Bikini

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The beautiful time that actress Sophia Alakija spent at the pool was captured in a photo that the actress recently posted to her Instagram account and shared with her followers. She is the type of person who finds great pleasure in going out and having fun while on an outing, and she has once again demonstrated this trait by going out to enjoy herself at the pool. 

Her followers, who saw the post, were quick to react and express their opinions on what they saw, which included her celebrity colleagues. In her most recent post, she can be seen wearing a stunning swimsuit that complements her figure very well.

She appeared with a lovely hairdo that accentuated her already stunning appearance. She gave her face a nice, polished look by applying makeup in a shade that was similar to her natural complexion. While she was having fun at the pool, she exuded an air of calm and contentment.

The actress’s talent, which has helped her achieve more fame in recent times, has allowed her to establish herself as a well-known figure in the Nollywood movie industry. Thanks to her talent, she has established herself as a well-known figure in the industry.

The former Big Brother star Erica responded to her post by saying, “Second slide,” after she saw it. Mercy Eke responded by saying, “Hot,” and actress Lilo Aderogba responded by saying, “I’m waiting for you.” Both of these responses were in response to the same event. The overwhelmingly positive responses that her celebrity contemporaries gave indicate that she is held in high esteem by her peers in the entertainment industry.

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