Alex, during a question and answer session with other Housemates, and CeeC today, has opened up on her regrets.

According to her, she says she’d be deeply hurt if she gets out of the house, and realizes played her.

…adding that she feels he genuinely cares about her, but admits that she could be totally wrong.

Alex didn’t stop there, she further disclosed that, if she gets out of the house, and realizes that Leo lied to her, she’d express her hurt and not keep it in.

When asked about her biggest regret in the house, Alex said she wishes she didn’t cry over Leo the way she did when he was evicted.

According to her, she didn’t even realise she cried so much and rolled on the floor, until other housemates told her.

She further stated she still can’t believe the extent to which she cried until she gets out of the house and watches it herself.



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