A Smartphone with A Notch Screen Display: Can Infinix Really Pull This Off with The New Hot S3 Variant?

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The year of 2018 has been astounding for Infinix Mobility. They have churned out devices that have been received with much admiration from tech fans and the general public. They have also shattered the norms within the field of smartphone creation whilst setting a new standard for smartphone excellence.


Devices like Hot S3, Hot 6/6 Pro, Note 5 and Smart 2/Smart 2 Pro have set the smartphone consumer circle ablaze with their unique features carefully structured to exude premium quality. Before these devices were officially launched, the rumour mills were set in motion with speculative assertions about what these devices would entail.

Well what do you know? The rumour mongers have started buzzing once again and unconfirmed reports gathered suggest that the next Infinix smartphone would be released as an improvement on the Hot S3 launched in April and would also possess yet another first of its kind screen display feature that would cause a ripple effect of excitement through the African smartphone ecosystem.

At this point of smartphone technological innovation where most would claim to have seen it all, Infinix Mobility find distinct ways to create something out of the ordinary and prove that anything is possible. The next Infinix Hot S3 device is said to come with a notch screen display and an entire phone structure that gives an expanded screen without necessitating a very large phone.

Furthermore, the next Infinix Hot S3 smartphone (the specific model remains undisclosed) is also said to a large battery size which is speculated to be around 4000mAh, a large internal storage, high quality selfie camera, dual rear cameras and a full view display combined with a screen size that would totally redefine user viewing experience.

While there is no way to validate this information at this point in time but while we wait for an official launch or statement from Infinix, we can only hope that some of these claims circulating online have some truth to them as it would be yet another valiant effort Infinix Mobility stretching the imagination of the average tech consumer and reinventing their expectations pertaining to smartphone user experience.

Check out the images taunted to be the next Hot S3 smartphone:


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