In one of the oddest allegations made this week, a TikTok star has gone viral for the wrong reasons after she theorized that R&B artist Solange, who recently composed music for the New York City Ballet, is a witch. Many fans were not just weirded out by the claim, but also criticized the theorist for misinterpreting what could easily be Solange’s personal spirituality and accused her of racism and forming something out of nothing.

Jason Mendez/Getty Images

The user in question, handled “gettingwitchywitit,” also dragged the singer’s sister Beyoncé into the mix. “To be honest,” she began, “I think Beyoncé and Solange are both very witchy, these things run in their family.” “Witchy” claims that Solange posted and deleted pictures of her altar on her Instagram and referenced voodoo at the 2018 Met Gala by carrying a bottle of Florida water. “Not to mention her living in New Orleans, which is tied to voodoo,” the TikToker said, finalizing her conspiracy with an old blog post where Solange said that she worships many goddesses and deities.

Now, apart from the obvious weirdness of the claim, many in the comments feel like this user is reading too deeply into Solange’s personal faith and her style choices. There’s also the the question of race, as this seems to be a white woman accusing a Black woman of witchery. It’s likely not out of malice, as these accounts often speculate for some viral fun. But the main issue people are referencing is the user’s lack of knowledge and quick assumptions about another culture’s beliefs and the beliefs of an individual.

On the music side of things, fans caught a few potential references to Jay-Z and Solange’s beef on her latest chart-topping album RENAISSANCE, and Solange herself was seen working on her new album with Master P. No one’s holding their breath on whether she’s a witch; we’re just waiting on some new heat from the creative.