The Illegal and Ruthless Vandalization of Alcoholic beverages by the Kano state Hisbah Board (Video)

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In the past few years the minority beer Shop owners in the State have suffered a tremendous loss and downturn in their business as a result of the forceful confiscation and destruction of their Goods by the So called “Moral police” Hisbah.

Truncating the haulage and putting the investors at a lost on the ground that it is against the Law of the state.

This has been an issue of concern and a complete contradiction to the the legal framework (constitution) that guides the actions and inaction of every citizen of this country, the 1999 constitution allows for freedom of speech, concienc among others. Also considering the Christian/Muslim Dichotomy that has remain an unresolved problem in the country, this act have been seen as a rage against the minor southern Christian of the state who are the the major shareholders of the said Goods.

However it is pertinent to note that while the state law should be respected, we should also remeber that the federal law takes precedence on every law in cases of contradiction. The board has however stand on the ground that the confiscation of these items has reduced the level of crime in the State.

Some see this act as an act of hypocrisy considering the fact that the state Government is a beneficiary of The VAT payed by the manufacturers of this brands through federal allocation.

Below is a video of how Kano state Hisbah board are destroying and vandalizing alcoholic beverages and the vehicles conveying them:

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